About Me

About Me A Timid Trader – How i got started

Hi, I am Kevin. I’m your average joe on the street, so average that you would probably not notice me when you walked pass me. I started investing way back in the early 2000s where the internet boom was the talk of the town. I decided to join in the fray. As a newbie to the world of investing, i know nothing besides applying for Initial Public Offer (IPO). Whenever there is a new listing, especially if it is a technology company, i will rush to apply for it. Usually it would be oversubscribed, thus if i can get my hand on a few lots, it is as good as striking lottery.

I made neat profit selling on the first or second day. So much for “investing”. Money seems easy to get. For a 22 years old then , they were handsome sums. Now, that’s the problem. When your average joes on the street are making easy money, it spells D-A-N-G-E-R. The dot-com bust took back all my profit, together with interest.

About Me – The Learning Process

Along the way i took my my degree course in Business Administration where i learnt more about scrutinising companies books. That started my journey of learning as a fundamental investor. I did not achieve any awesome result. In fact, i soon find it pretty cumbersome to go through all those readings about companies.  But wait, i am not against value investing, just that it may not suit me after all. It was in April 2009 when i started to pick up forex trading.

That’s where i am exposed to the world of charts, candlestick, moving averages, and the list goes on. I could not comprehend initially because i m really not a technical person. It makes me giddy after looking at the charts for a while.  For the next half a year, i was simply playing around with the charting tools and testing strategies that i derived myself.  

On an October evening, I decided to pop down to the Singapore Exchange to listen to a preview conducted by Mr Tom Yuen (YCK), a Futures trader of 19 years experience who thrives on Technical Analysis (TA).  I joined the course and that’s where my world really opens up.

For the next 1 year , I was  trading with TA in stocks. Result was mediocre at best initially, but something in me kept my faith in TA. I started to self-discover and trade better, and realised the importance of controlling one’s trading temperament which is far more important than the trading technique itself. It’s all about me. Trading is really about conquering one self than to attempt to conquer the market.

About Me – Am I a timid trader?

1 year after the SGX course, i re-sit it to refresh. At that time, i had already registered a domain to build a blog but I could not think of any decent name for it. Then came a session when Tom talked about Wealth Preservation which is the cornerstone of any trader.

At that instance, i realised that i had been actually quite an aggressive trader. Therefore as a constant reminder to control my trades,I built this blog to tell myself that “Sometimes it is good to be a little timid”, that was how the name A Timid Trader came about.

I had already achieved consistent and satisfactory result (at least for me 🙂 ), and I hope through the little achievements of mine, I can inspire more people to have more belief in themselves when it comes to trading.I will continue to learn and pursue excellence, and as I am about to embark in a new career in full time trading in a few months time, I hope this blog can constantly remind and inspire myself, and also thanks my friends who took time to read  all about me and my trading chronicles.